Laserlipo Experience: FHL Beauty Box Review

Ever heard of laserlipo? Does your mind immediately flash to crazy images of painful procedures all in the name of weight-loss? I recently had the amazing opportunity to visit FHL Beauty Box (owned by Shevon) and having both a micro-current facial and laserlipo sessions. I know that a lot of people will never talk about how they managed to shed those pesky few centimeters, but I think that this is an amazing tool to be used in conjunction with lifestyle changes to help you on your journey.

laserlipo experience

Micro-current Facial:

Let me be the first to say that I love a good facial. This was an easy one (at only R149) to get in while completing the laserlipo session. My skin felt clean and plump after the facial, which is really what you always want out of any facial.

The science behind this is that low-voltage electrical current will be used to stimulated muscles and collagen development in the face. Essentially tightening muscles and reducing wrinkles. Now, I’ve only had one of these facials and I would love to go back for a few more sessions. The sessions are so cost effective. Simply put, this just feels like a light tingle on your skin. No pain. No discomfort. Also, my skin was so much less inflamed and irritated after the facial and it’s just an incredibly relaxing and satisfying experiences.

Laserlipo Session:

Let’s be honest, you clicked the link to know if this really worked. I was skeptical about this as well, you’re not alone. But I was determined to give this a fair chance.
Now, first and foremost, you need to know that this may help you lose those pesky centimeters, but you will need to have a diet and lifestyle that facilitates maintaining the loss. I’m that person that has good intentions with health and exercise, but can never actually put them into action. I took up the opportunity to try out laserlipo because I was genuinely curious to find out if this actually worked and what my body would feel like after.

There’s no pain in this process, just a tingling sensation and some sensitivity around your cycle during the vacuum portion. This is a three step process that’s designed to use heat to target your fatty cells. Staying hydrated, as with anything, is key. I finished my session in the sauna blanket, which is just an excuse for me to be warm and lazy. FHL also has packages that can target your desired areas of concern.

So, did it work for me? Yes, it did work for me and the best part is that I didn’t leave feeling the gimmicky sensation of “oh my gosh, I’ve lost a few”, but my body physically felt far less bloated and uncomfortable that it did when I went it. FHL Beauty Box studios is private and extremely hygienic facility. Your package will come with a maintenance plan as well as with a recommended eating plan to help you keep the centimeters off.


I will definitely be going back soon. I loved this, I loved the environment, the experience and the results. I saw this experience as worth the investment, not because I’m focused on shedding a few centimeters, but because it made my body feel better as well as helped me feel more confident in my skin. So what’s stopping you?

Drop Shevon an email at or check them out on Facebook
Keep an eye out for Episode 3 of Table talk coming with Shevon, owner of FHL Beauty Box.


Bible Month wishlist

Bible month.png

It’s Bible month at CUM Books this October and I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to share a few items that I’ve had on my Wishlist. In all honesty, I have a absolute love of Bibles, I love gifting them to people, doodling in them and collecting different translations and versions. I’m also a sucker for faith related stationery and gifts so this is an amazing opportunity to get some great deals.

Here’s my Bible month Wishlist. All items are linked if you click on the title.

1. The Passion Translation Proverbs: 


I have a copy of The Psalms and it’s by far one of the most poetic and beautiful versions to read. The Proverbs paperback is next on my list, being one of the shorter books this would make an amazing study companion.

2. ESV Illuminated Bible Art Journaling Edition: 

I tend to have a longstanding attraction to hardcover Bibles. I’ve actually seen this in-store and am absolutely in love! This satisfied every Narnian dream I have ever had and the artwork printed into some of the margins is BEAUTIFUL.

3. Glass Water Bottle:

I love these water bottles. No, I do not drink enough water, but who knows if maybe having a beautiful and motivational bottle would help encourage me a little? This is just something pretty that I’d like to have to carry around with me and keep fuelled during the day.

4. Magnetic Pagemarkers:

When I grow up, I would love to have a Disney scaled, Beauty and the Beast type library. That being said, you would imagine I would never condone folding the corners of pages. I love that these pagemarkers are magnetic (they’re not falling out of anything) and are gentle reminders that can be used in day planners, diaries, journals, books or Bibles.

5. Teal Mug:


I’m a mug collector. It’s my secret obsession (sshhh, I’m sharing all my secrets with you today). I love having designated mugs at the homes of the people I love. It just makes me feel like I have a place with them. That being said, this mug is cute and feminine and perfectly sized for a lazy cup of coffee or a casual midday spot of tea.

6. Grace upon Grace Journal:

I’m a sucker for journals. I have a special love for spiral-bound notebooks – they’re so easy to carry and use for note-taking at church. This one is particularly feminine and I love the aesthetic.

If you’re looking for something specific, be sure to check out the CUM Books website. There are quite a few items on sale and you may be able to get some great items that you’ve been wanting for a while without breaking the bank.



All images are used from the CUM books website


I had the amazing opportunity to connect with Caryn Alves of Jane and John. I don’t say this lightly, but Caryn is the most gentle and kind souls you will ever be given the opportunity to meet. You’ll immediately feel her warmth, sincerity and the genuine heart with which she approaches each and every client. You’ll already know some of my thoughts if you’ve read my previous post on THE MAKEOVER EXPERIENCE


Men and women face very similar pressures to conform to social norms. Women are sometimes much more aware of the nature of these pressures simply based on the media they consume daily. “Comparison is a such a problem and social media has made this even more intense and constant. Unfortunately it will be up to the individual to realise that it’s unhealthy and unnecessary.”



What do you think of when you hear Jane and John? My mind immediately wanders to an episode of CSI with an unknown victim, an unknown human. That was Caryn’s idea behind naming the company Jane and John – you do not want to go through life as a Jane or John Doe. As an individual, you want to be authentic and that includes feeling good and looking good. Image consulting isn’t just for women, but should appeal to men too – that’s what sparked the name, men and women should live their lives to their fullest and feel and look their best doing it!

The ethos of Jane and John is simple – to help others feel good about how they look by aligning all aspects of their lives. Between you and me, the idea of focusing on your external appearances may sound wildly superficial, but when I sat down with Caryn at our first meeting I could tell that the business was about SO much more than external appearances. Caryn has truly created a space for her clients to come to a moment of realisation, a moment that helps them identify the fact that felling good can come from looking good and this kind of confidence is good for the soul. Confidence is something that can spark a sense of self-worth and value that cannot be gained by simple external changes. What Caryn really gives her clients are the tools to catalyse their journey to living out their true selves.

This is why image consulting is not limited to women, but applies to men, teenagers and often times post-pregnant moms. After running through a few of the services offered, I can attest to the importance of being able to find your expression and gain a deeper understanding of yourself from a perspective most people never even consider.



Fuelled by her love for fashion, styling and shopping, the image consulting industry has presented Caryn with an opportunity to meet and help people in a very unique way. Self-expression is truly a part of ones self that should be fun and exciting, not as dreadful as waking up in the morning not knowing what to wear (*raises hand slowly).

One of the things that is so easily missed, but that Jane and John focuses on so well is that men’s styling is just as important as women’s styling. Caryn paraphrases a quote that she recently read; “anyone can buy clothes, that’s fashion, but not everyone can wear them, that’s style”. The truth is that when you see a well styled man (or woman) on TV, it’s instantly noticeable, no matter how simple their outfit may be. Styling is definitely not a strictly female thing. The reality is that there are a lot of people, probably a lot of men that secretly wish they could be more “stylish” and have no idea where to start. The truth is that the approach to styling should be the same, whether a man or a woman: plan what you’re about to wear and keep the items that “spark joy”; restyle or reinvent the pieces that don’t. Keep your wardrobe organised and repair pieces that need to be repaired. The biggest tip (and one I need to start applying to my own life) is to be wise when you are purchasing new items rather than opting to be impulsive with purchases.

Top tip: try on your outfits and record what works and what you liked. This will make getting dressed so much easier when you’re feeling indecisive. It’s always a good idea to get help when you need it!

If you’re curious and not sure where to even begin on this Image and Lifestyle journey, both Caryn and I would recommend that you start with the Live in Colour session. This is such an amazing way to understand what colours will really make you pop, and lay the perfect foundation to go further into deciding what your personal style is and how to build your ideal wardrobe (you can check out experience with this session here).
One of Caryn’s favourite services to work through with her clients is Architect your Wardrobe. Working with your current wardrobe and creating new styling options as well as helping clients create collection wish lists is an incredibly fun way to spend her time. Work and play collide when you get to spend time with your clients dressing up, accessorising and watching the joy a client feels during the experience.



You may not already know this, but there are other image consulting agencies in South Africa. Shocker, I know. Something I was particularly interested in is how Jane and John differs from others in the industry. The truth is, what Caryn does is not just about image or the external stylings. The Jane and John approach is more of an approach to Lifestyle Consulting. The truth is, looking good isn’t based on what you wear, but how you feel on the inside. “Dressing well can certainly make you feel confident and smart, but it’s part of a bigger picture.” This is why I loved the time I spent with Caryn, it wasn’t just about what looked good on my body, but how I approach myself (identity and self-image) and the way I live life.

As part of the continued endeavour to better the lifestyle’s of people she meets, Caryn has also partnered in with a number of locals that are specialist in their fields:

1. Michelle Tolmay – dietician
2. Jarrod McCallister – personal trainer
3. Caitlyn de Beer – life coach
4. Jenny M Interiors – interior decorators

I definitely believe that investing into this type of consulting, based on a persons needs and self-evaluation, can lead to lifestyle improvements that allow you to thrive simply by taking the time to invest in yourself.

Being in this industry, you would think that fulfilment will come from the pay-check at the end of the experience. The truth is that Caryn’s favourite part of her job is getting to see a happy client, a client that has learned about themselves and grown from the experience. It’s a client taking the step of self-discovery and being able to interact with a variety of different types of people that keeps the job interesting and keeps her on her toes. That’s the beauty of being in a “non-conventional” industry, there’s no time to be stagnant, every day and every experience is different and unique to the people you work with and that’s part of the beauty of life!



Naturally, the first thing you’d want to know is what Caryn’s personal style is. She defines it as Dramatic yet Romantic. What on earth does any of that mean? Well, think about a pair of bright pants, but in a soft and flowy fabric. Also, loads of capes, kimonos, prints and textures!

Carny’s personal story is an amazing one! If you are feeling adversity in your personal life or business, never be too proud to ask for help. Having suffered with anxiety, Caryn has seen that if doubts are addressed earlier, she would have arrived at the place she is in her life much sooner. Anxiety is something that is pushed under the rug far too often, yet she encountered daily, affecting people without bias. The truth of life is that we need to constantly endeavour to keep our emotions and anxieties managed. “You have to understand that some days might be tough but there is light at the end and usually the next day is better.” Caryn has used yoga as a way to find calmness and remain in the present, medication free. The biggest truth you can take from everything: “God is the best self-help advisor out there, we just need to listen.”

Caryn is a mom herself and one of the things I was curious about is how she suggests parents take care of themselves, but also nurture the self-expression of their children. Her answer? Lead by example. Your children should see you taking care of yourself so they in turn learn to value themselves as well, include them on trips to the salon or on a mani/pedi adventure. Guiding your children is important, but also allow them to express themselves. “This makes me think of my own toddler who regularly wears two different shoes to school (with flair) and adores summer dress, even during winter.”



The future for Jane and John is bright! With dreams to open a wellness centre that includes a yoga studio, a place for people to meet for a quick coffee or a healthy meal and for the various avenues of lifestyle consulting to take place. And why not throw a little boutique into the mix?

The take home from all of this; “there is always more to learn, you just need to have an open mind and if you want to make something work you need to put in the effort. That effort can look different to many people. Underneath it all, we actually all know what needs to be done.”

Be sure to check out the Jane and John website for more information on Caryn and the services she offers!


Sisters of Africa 2019


I’m a strong believer in women’s ministry! I believe that women’s ministry presents the opportunity for women to come together and express a strong sense of community, celebrate femininity and be collectively empowered to go out and empower others in whatever sphere they exist in.

This year I made the trip up to Johannesburg for my first Sisters of Africa conference. Despite it being a last minute decision, this was such a phenomenal experience! Outside of the fact that this was an amazing experience creatively, this was also an incredible opportunity for me to sit back and detox from the world. The choice to fly up and take a break from work and life doesn’t come easily. This is a choice that can be used to detox from the world by filling yourself with  general activities, hobbies and entertainment.


The road less travelled was to spend the days of annual leave at church, choosing to disconnect from the world and connect with God. In a wilderness season, conferences can be the most refreshing and reinvigorating places to be. It’s a conscious choice to step out of life for a moment and choose to be filled with the Word topped with creative expression and a strong sense of community.


Having technically travelled this year on my own, and having met the ladies from my home church up in Sandton, I can absolutely say that the experience was amplified by the ladies choosing to stick together and enhance the sense of community. Ultimately, that’s what conference is about. Whether you know the lady next to you or not, it’s about a group of ladies coming together

I suggest making the investment into your personal and spiritual development by taking a trip up to conference next year. And why not invite someone along. Strong women build each other up and when we rise together, we can build a better society for those around us.

You can find the link to register for Sisters of Africa 2020 here: Sisters of Africa Registration 2020

Hopefully, I’ll see you next year! 😉


Style me, please! Jane & John: the makeover experience


I woke up one morning and I simply hated EVERYTHING in my wardrobe. As per usual, I sang the same old song about having absolutely NOTHING to wear, teared up a little and grabbed the first thing I could see. Then, I had a daring idea – it was makeover time!!


I contacted the amazing Caryn Alves of Jane and John and asked if she could help. I would not be telling you this story if it wasn’t worth your time! Styling and fashion are not things that I often think about. But this is truly an experience that I would suggest everyone with the ability to do so – do it at least once in your lifetime. Jane and John specialises in Image Consulting, a full table talk piece will follow (scouts honour) and we’ll discuss exactly what the vision for the company was and continues to be.


Back to your regularly scheduled programming, when I initially sat down with Caryn, one of the things we discussed was why I wanted to embark on this process in the first place. My heart for the adventure was to promote self-love and body and image positivity. I do believe that one of the most accessible ways for humans to express themselves is through their style and fashion. Don’t get me wrong, there are no rules and you can express yourself however you want! For me, this was an opportunity to explore who I am, what I liked, and take you on the journey with me.

I chatted to Caryn about my personal anxieties and concerns. My only description of my personal style is “hide me, please” or “potato-chic”. I like to be as unnoticed as possible – the less attention I can attract to myself, the better. The transition from “hide me” to “style me, please” was definitely a step out of my comfort zone. A step I was happy to take with Caryn as I left this personal and stretching process in her capable and caring hands.


Caryn and I had discussed a full body and face analysis as well as a fashion personality and colour analysis. This was honestly one of the most exhilarating experiences I’ve been on in a very long time. The process really helped me get in touch with parts of my personality and self-expression that I’ve been avoiding for as long as I can remember. The entire process is handled with incredible dignity! Caryn is such an amazingly approachable and learned woman that is truly passionate about seeing people’s lives improved.

We’ll get into the details of each of the processes we went through, but I also took some amazing notes along the way and picked up a few of my favourite secrets!


  1.  Build a Wishlist! I am the most impulsive shopper to ever walk the face of the earth – seriously, have a chat with my credit card. On your Wishlist, you can include any items that will build your wardrobe or trend pieces that you would like to find, either at specific prices or in specific cuts or fabrics. This list will help you find the right piece that you’ll get the most wear out of as well as ensure you’re not making an impulse purchase for something you’ll never really wear again. Your budget will thank you for this! Think before you sign the dotted line.  After this entire stretching experience, I did add tassel earrings and a dainty necklace to my list. Both of which I picked up from Woolworths, on sale, because I had been looking for them for a few weeks before deciding.
  2. Fabrics matter! The cost of the item itself isn’t critical, but the fabric a piece is made with can make a super-affordable piece look chic and luxurious, all without breaking the bank!

While chatting, as ladies do while getting dressed, something important came up. The services offered by Jane and John are not exclusively for women! Take a second to process this thought. These services are accessible and available for men too! It’s just as important for men to understand their bodies as it is for women. Albeit, it may not have the same effect, but any well presented and confident individual that walks into a boardroom demands attention, all by allowing their inner strength to confidently shine through.

(Disclaimer, before we get into each of the processes we went through, remember that Jane and John are able to fit services and tailor packages to include certain aspects should you request them. For example, fashion personality and colour analysis services may be done together. )



We started the day with what you would assume is the simple task of determining what colours “look good” on me. Let me preface this by saying that Caryn has the perfect definition of “look good”, these are colours that whiten the whites of your eyes and soften your natural complexion giving you an almost filtered effect.

I have spent my entire life assuming that I would be classified as warm-toned. I struggled to grasp the idea that my Indian complexion could EVER be classified as cool toned, despite knowing that warm foundations turn me frustratingly orange (talk about denial). As we flipped through drape after drape, covering warm and cool variation of colours, we discovered that I was indeed cool toned. This immediately changes my approach to the colours I choose to purchase, the colours I choose in my makeup and the way I approach patterns. It also means that I’ll soon be testing out some (hopefully) better suited foundations. Knowing which colours bring you the greatest pop definitely helps you not only while you’re shopping (avoid breaking the bank on trend pieces that you’ll hate when you get home) but also help you build a more rotational wardrobe.


Remember, this applies to men as well! The colour spectrum and drapes used for testing are much more minimal, the desired effect is the same. If there’s only one thing you decide to do from the extensive services Jane and John has available, this is the one I suggest you take. This will change your entire perception of colours, how to make yourself feel more uplifted when you just don’t know what to wear, and challenge you to think outside of the pre-requisite norms of makeup application. You’ll also get an amazing little swatch wheel to carry around with you whenever you’re shopping to use for reference should you ever have any doubts. Remember, colours have the power to evoke particular responses from the brain.



Your fashion personality is the unique way in which you adapt clothes to your own tastes . It’s the way in which you choose to express yourself and your character through your style choices. The “main personalities” are romantic, classic, expressive and relaxed (adapted from Verily Mag) Now, this is around the time I started to freak out. “You mean to tell me POTATO-chic is not an actual thing?!”

So, we sat down with the simple task of getting me to make a collage. Arts and crafts, you say? HECK YEAH!! So I hopped to it, destroying every magazine Caryn placed in front of me. The aim of which is to pick absolutely anything that grabs your attention – no, not what you would pick to wear for yourself, but the things that appeal to you. Why exactly did I think this was an important step? Why did I bother to sit down with an image consultant to go through something you could probably do at home? Well, it’s always incredible to have a professional opinion to help you interpret your results as well as guide on how this can shape your shopping and dressing. This was such a fun experience for me, I love the creative aspect of this session, but more importantly, it was amazing to see how far my natural tendency to hide is from the style that I really like!


Man, did I end up with a collage that surprised us ALL!! Potato-chic aside, my fashion profile turned out to be classic/bold. Given that I had gone into this process on the basis that my personal style was to hide and be frumpy, I ended up with pieces that were classic silhouettes in bold colours/accent pieces. This is not what I would have classified myself as. You get to take this collage home and I’ve honestly gone as far as to pop this up in my wardrobe. The style in and off itself can be simply defined as pieces that lean towards a more structured look and avoid patterns, trends or attention seeking pieces (saw that one coming from a mile way). The flip side to this is the fact that I picked these styles in bold and bright colours – colours I would NEVER naturally gravitate towards draping over my own body.

This was such a learning experience for me, not only about the clothes I like but it was an immense opportunity for introspection. Why am I hiding? What am I hiding from? If these are the things that I’m truly attracted to, why do I shy away from them in fear of what other people will think? Fashion – not as frivolous as your thought, is it?



Something that I’ve always been interested in is finding out what my shapes are. No, I do not mean the specific of triangles and 90 degree angles. I mean finding out my body and face shape. Caryn treats this part of the process with exceptional care as this is something that requires getting into your personal space.

Knowing your face shape will help you determine the types of haircuts you should be opting for. Remember, there are no rules here and if something makes you feel confident, you do you, girl! For me, this is information I’ve always wanted to have. Literally every time you pop open Pinterest, I’ve always wanted to know about haircuts and why that skirt looks so cute on her but I’d never be able to pull it off. It’s all in the geometry, dear. Naturally, this applies to your body shape as well. I’ve been conscious about my body for as long as I can remember, hence the unrelenting desire to hide beneath clothes that are honestly 2 sizes larger than they need to be. With a clearer knowledge of your body shape, you’ll be able to better understand how to draw the eye to areas you’re comfortable and draw attention away from the placed you’re not so crazy about. Hear me out, you are amazing as you are, but we all have something we want to hide every so often.


As part of the experience, I also received a little informational pack on my body and face shape. This type of content is incredible to keep on hand. Caryn even goes as far as to make a few recommendations of pieces you could try out (and add to that nifty Wishlist we learned about earlier). This is another basic process that I really believe will help you enhance your confidence, all by having knowledge of your body – knowledge is power.
Something to also consider is that this process can also include undergarments, shaping and sizing should you wish. These are all VERY personal and I can assure you that Jane and John will treat you, and your body, with the utmost respect.


As part of the experience with Caryn, I carried along a few of the pieces that I have but really never knew how to style in a way that made me feel fiery (I’m looking at you leather skirt). We worked through the thought processes of styling tops and bottoms, accessorising and makeup. I’ve included a few images here, but keep an eye on my Instagram or Facebook pages for detailed breakdowns on what we were thinking with each style. Remember – chin up and stand tall.


You don’t ever want to leave this world unfulfilled, having kept your true light form the world for fear of what others would say. I embarked on this journey with Caryn to discover why the world of makeovers and fashion was really so appealing, what’s all the fuss really about. I left with an incredible understanding of how harsh my inner critic is on myself and how much of my personality I’ve really been keeping hidden. This has truly been one of the most liberating and empowering experience of my life, and let me tell you that I was terrified to take the first step.

Letting someone into your personal space, to evaluate your body and make suggestions on what they think would look good on you can be a daunting thought. I am so elated to have gone through this journey with Jane and John. Caryn is the most sensitive and caring person to work with. I can truly say that her heart is to bring the best out in every person she comes into contact with. This is not just a business exchange, this is truly a life building experience. I’ve been guided on a journey to better understand the parts of me that I’ve kept hidden, understand the things I’ve been afraid of tapping into – whether these are colours, silhouettes or other forms of expression all through sitting down and being receptive.


Would I suggest you do this? ABSOLUTELY!! Honestly, I think you can tell that I’ve had an absolutely amazing, educational and FUN experience. This is an experience I think everyone, EVERYONE (and I don’t just mean women) should embark on at least once in their lives. This is an information and reflective journey that will help you discover who you and how you can reflect your inner character in a way that leaves you feeling emboldened, strong and confident. Knowledge truly is power.

Take a leap of faith, invest in yourself. If for nothing else that you can be treated to something empowering and special. Contact Jane and John if you would like to make a booking for any of the services we went through, or any other information you may need



A special thank you to ER Beatus Creative Studio for the photography and for making both Caryn and I all the more comfortable. 



I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to pick the brain of a young, vibrant creative and entrepreneur – Eureecher Premanathan. You’re more than likely to find this entrepreneur carving her own path in life. Exploding with wisdom far beyond her years, this is a brain to pick for advice on life, faith and marriage. This jam-packed well-spring of knowledge comes to us as the Creative Director of ER BEATUS Creative Studio.

Let’s talk branding


I already know that I’ve peaked your interest with the company name – ER BEATUS Creative Studio . The ER (pronounced “errrr”, as in a statement of confusion) are more than just her and husband Rowen’s initials, but translate from the medieval Latin to “the”, whilst Beatus (pronounced be-ar-tis) translates from the Latin to “blessed”. So quite literally, ER BEATUS is “the blessed”.

Based on Psalm 18:33 (“He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he enables me to stand on the heights”), ER BEATUS has taken the deer as the company logo during the company rebrand a few years ago. With the scripture holding a special place in her heart, Eureecher made the step into researching the deer a little deeper. Being a sure-footed, agile and swift mountain creature (holding true to Psalm 18:33) they are able to climb to greater heights with deeper surety. Also coming to symbolise regeneration (based on the principle of the regrowth of their antlers) the deer is a feisty, cautious and adventurous creator, known for its individuality – the deer is a call for trust in instinct and self.

These are factors that build deeply into the way Eureecher runs the business and carries herself in the industry. The creative industry is not one that’s easy to work in, but the ability to step out in faith with surety is one of her resounding characteristics.

Let’s talk creative careers


With a degree in fine art, the passion for design was sparked at a very young age (you could say she was DRAWN to it). A clear passion for design and a heart fuelled by the journey business is taking together with the ability to be around creatives (to collaborate, on social media or share a creative space) drives the creativity of the business, but more so the creative behind the business.

Having started in family owned businesses and having done everything from sales to merchandising, Eureecher says that “I came from a very business minded and artistic family, so I honestly believe it’s where my entrepreneurship stems from. I always knew I wanted to run my own business one day. I’ve always been a creative, what took it to the next level and gave me the love to have my own creative business was planning our wedding.” The stressful experience clearly catalysed the decision (throw into the mix the sense of freedom, achievement and knowledge of being made for more) to move into the business field, all through the experience of designing wedding invitations.

Let’s talk self-employment

“When you are a small business or start up you have to do everything yourself, particularly when the specific skills you have are the reason a client approaches you and it cannot be passed on to other staff”, Eureecher comments on the challenges of being self-employed. This is all besides that fact that self-employment means no work = no pay.  That being said, whether through helping you build the business, creating personalised stationery or custom luxury items, nothing beats the joy and excitement of a satisfied customer.

I have asked her about balancing work and home life. The reality is that most self-employed individuals will take their work home with them. In all her wisdom she’s defined this quite simply for me – Work and life needs to be balanced. It’s important to work hard to achieve your goals and dreams, but remember to take time to both enjoy life and take care of yourself. “Too much of one thing isn’t good.”

Let’s talk faith and business


About a month after getting married, Eureecher acknowledged her unhappiness in her job in recruitment. As a creative, she struggled with the idea of being behind a desk for the rest of her life, and her husband, Rowen knew it too. With the support of her husband and immediate family, she took the step into entrepreneurship. The lesson that she’s learned, that I think applies to everyone is that is that “not everyone will believe in you or be on the journey with you. The people you least expect support from may be the ones that get you through the toughest times.”

Being self-employed, there are many times that her faith has been tested, but God has been faithful to Eureecher time and time again. The reality is that running your own business is not as glamorous as it sounds; there are long hours of work, sweat and sometimes tears that go into it. “My faith is strong and even though tested all the time and in different ways, I know the God I serve and that if it is His hands then there is no better place for it to be.”


She has attested to seeing God’s hand in every season, and that knowledge keeps her going. The greatest lesson to learn is to be faithful with the little that He’s placed in your hands and He will bless it. She goes on to state that “…that is my biggest testament. I have tried my best in every season to be faithful with what I have been given and where I am, and no matter how tough things were/are I have always tithed from my business. From the biggest amount to the smallest.” Standing in faith and being consistent despite the things going on around her are characteristics that I enjoy about her.

When making decisions, or seeking the voice of God in business, it’s never as clear as writing on the walls. Often times she searches her spirit for a sense of peace or unsettlement. Fasting and praying is also a set way to take when making big decisions (something both she and I would like to do more of). It’s also a beautiful thing that both her and husband, Rowen, pray about decisions individually and discuss confirmation received before taking steps. I can definitely see that she has a clear sense of morals and values that reflect in the way ER BEATUS Creative Studio is run and the beauty is that she doesn’t feel any pressure from the Christian community in being a creative, if anything she strives to be authentic and to conduct business ethically.

One of the biggest things I have taken from being able to walk alongside Eureecher and is that everything… EVERYTHING happens in His timing. It is HE who opens doors and allows for opportunities to arise. We can truly do more than we think because greater is He who is in us. Serving has always been a part of her and Rowen’s lives and has forged relationships and friendships that are an amazing support structures. Rowen and Eureecher truly do life together; knowing that every act of service on a Sunday at church or during the week is adding to someone’s experience or encounter with Christ – that keeps you filled.

Let’s talk advice for the entrepreneurial heart



“Go for it! If not now, then when??” She’s right, fear held her back and holds us all back. Whether that’s the fear of rejection or failure, it keeps you from moving forward. The best guidance I took from her was to take it one step at a time and trust God on the way. It’s also important to get a good network of people around you; people that will support you, pray for you and encourage you along the way – “The support of other people who have maybe been there before makes the journey less scary. FEAR IS A LIAR!”


Being full of beautiful nuggets, she also advises that you be your most authentic self. The pressure to conform to a predisposed ideal is huge, but all you need to do is be you.

“Take advise, admire others, look up to them but never feel like you have to be exactly like they are. Know who you are and whose you are. He created you perfectly with all your quirks and differences. It’s so cheesy but you have to go on a journey to find out who you are .”


The future of the company stands on Psalm 18:33 – “He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he enables me to stand on the heights”. With an amazing new studio and fresh and vibrant website, ER BEATUS Creative Studio is set to take on the future of luxury design.






Spiderman: Far from home review | no spoilers


Welcome to a spoiler free review of Spider-Man: Far From Home. This movie picks up where Endgame left us (heartbroken, lost and wondering what the future holds). Left to deal with the devastating loss experienced in Endgame, we find Peter (Tom Holland) on a a path to reconcile with the losses he’s experienced whilst taking a break to be the average teenager. While craving a bit or normality in his life and embarking on a school trip across Europe, Peter is dragged back into the world of the superhero by Nick Furry (reprised by Samuel L Jackson) and Agent Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) when a catastrophic attack leaves a city destroyed, all while introducing us to the comic-classic Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal).

This is the Spide-Man movie we needed (I may be a wee bit biased). Combining classic Marvel humour with heartwarming and angsty moments this movie brings together the action we know and love in the MCU whilst tying in the greater storyline in one large Eurotrip styled movie. We see Peter struggle with maintaining his role as your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man weighed against the greater responsibility of the world desperately needing the presence of the Avengers.

There are a lot of cinematic shoutouts in this movie. Whether to the PlayStation games with beautiful web sequences, shoutouts to Into the Spiderverse, or to the beginning of the MCU as we know it (throwing it back to the original Iron Man that has led us here) or with the incredibly satisfying surprise appearance from a character straight out of 2002’s Spider-Man. The casting was perfect, with a well-paced plot, comic relief, spectacular action sequences, brilliant acting and jam-packed with Easter eggs (if you’ve already watched the movie, you can find out what I’m talking about here)

This is a 4.5 star rating for me and I’ll probably be watching it again very soon. This is what we needed to see next from Marvel to wrap up the Endgame storyline. This is the Spider-Man movie we deserve.



What is your perception of me?  Perception is defined as the way in which something is regarded, understood or interpreted.

We all have a perceptions, notions that define how we interact with our environment. Whether they’re about life, people, situations or objects we have ideas that have been formed through the way we view the world. Similarly, we present ourselves to the world in a specific way. We try to control the perceptions people have about us by controlling our behaviour around them, hiding our quirks and authentic selves to shape their perception of us. Our interactions with people and the world around us is governed by our concept of how they perceive us. Ask me, I’d know.

Snapseed 2

The reality is, often times we react to people on the basis of how we THINK they want us to react, how we ASSUME they feel about us. Thoughts… Assumptions, they’re personal and individual things. They cannot be understood unless clearly articulated, whether by actions or through our words. We live in a society that’s self-obsessed and self-conscious. Thinking only of ourselves in relation to others. We see the world through stained glass.

We have all been created, and chosen by the Creator. They world which He formed, was formed to magnify His name. Our self-obsessed nature, our constant drive to be better, to do more, to get healthier and reach further is marred by the desire for self. There’s nothing wrong with goals and dreams and having a vision for your life. We have been called as a glorification of His power and name. Self should never overshadow and overpower the glorification of His will. We have been chosen amongst all of creation for a reason. Our quirks should not be hidden and our character should reflect Christ in us. There’s no purpose in hiding who we are for a city on a hill cannot be hidden. Our lives are meant to be lived as a light in the darkness.

Now stop to think about perceptions again. How does the world perceive you? How do the people around you see your life? You don’t have to be shouting it from the rooftops (which you can, please don’t let me stop you) but you should reflect some manner of “heaven on earth” if you will. I’m talking about the little things – how you react to traffic or how you treat the waitrons at a restaurant. The littles things have the ability to leave profound and lasting impacts on people.  Tender hearts are receptive hearts.

I say this as much for you, as I do for myself – let the person we show the world be authentic and a reflection of the Creator. We are not perfect in ourselves, but perfect love has saved us for greater than mere existence.


Keep those goals up!

I had goals_

Welcome to June! We’re officially at the halfway mark. This is around the point where you tend to get tired or forget why you even started the race to begin with. If you’re anything like me, you’ve just started scrambling under the reality of things you haven’t accomplished yet. Do you even remember the goals you set out to accomplish this year? If you have your goals together and are on the path to greatness, great – this post probably isn’t for you. If you’re the exact opposite of composed right now, grab a cup of coffee and take a seat, let’s chat.

This is usually the time of the year when I re-evaluate the goals I wanted to accomplish, how realistic were they and if there’s something of greater value tugging at my mind. Some things I thought I wanted, are no longer of importance to me. Other things have become increasingly important and are pressing on me to strive to achieve them.How many times have you put your health and fitness on your resolutions for the new year? Be honest! I’ve done this for as long as I’ve been making resolutions. Now, how many times have you actually accomplished the goal? This June, let’s stop to evaluate the things we’ve marked out as goals for the year, break them down into more manageable and achievable goals. This has to be an exercise based on reality and where your life is currently. Basing your goals on something unrealistic will never help you accomplish them, but rather push you away from the finish line.

One of my goals for the year has been to read 30 books. At my current rate, and based on the gigantic nature of fantasy novels, I’ll probably never reach the goal this year. I’ve changed directions and opted to including listening to audiobooks. It seems simple, but it’s a more achievable way of working towards the goal of 30 books than trying to dedicate all my waking hours to consuming literature.

So, what goals have you set for the year, and how are you changing your habits to achieve them? Let’s keep running the race. Keeps those knees – I mean goals – high!




Are the winter blues bringing you dry skin? How about your try this out?

I’ve spent the last month exploring skincare in a new way. In particular, I’ve been testing out the Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel. This is a month in the year where my skin suffers from an activity as simple as hand-washing. I was blessed enough to be sent a 200ml tub (for myself) and 50ml tubs (to share) of the new Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel by Beauty Bulletin and Bio-Oil South Africa. We’ve spent the last month individually giving this product a monitored test, so get ready for an honest review.

I’ve been using this every morning on my entire body. My skin is moisturised and comfortable for the entire day. The scent is the classic Bio-Oil scent and a particularly thick gel texture. The texture and scent both ware off after a few minutes when it’s settled into the skin. Of all the body care products I’ve tried, this is one that I have been the most surprised by. I’ve also gone out to purchase a 50ml tub to keep in my bag for reapplication throughout the day if needed. Personally, I’ve loved this. My skin feels amazing for most, if not entire day. This is a miracle considering what and air-conditioned office environment can do to your skin in winter.As a side note, I’ve also noticed that the dry, discoloured are on feet had lightened up over the past few weeks. Its been something that I’m particularly conscious  of, so I’m excited to see what happens in the next few weeks.

The Bio-Oil team has formulated this oil-based gel as a way of targeting dry skin effectively. The team have found that dry skin is caused by a lack of moisture in the surface layer of the skin. This lack of moisture could be caused by anything from the soaps and cleaners we use to climate exposure or general aging. The problem is, we as consumers are generally unaware of why we use the products we use to try to treat our issues. A part of rethinking skincare is understanding that your skin cannot absorb water, so water-based creams and lotions won’t bring long-term relief. The beauty of this product is in the fact that it has opted to create an oil-based formula containing ingredients that will actually nourish your skin. You also need the SMALLEST amount of product to apply to a large surface area. How amazing is that?!

The gel is something that I’ll definitely repurchase, particularly with the intention of keeping in my handbag. It’s performed WAY better than any other hand cream I’ve tried recently. This is also very easily accessible; being sold in Dischem, Clicks, Pick n Pay, Shoprite and Checkers. Retailing for only R59.99 (50ml), 100ml (R109.99) and R189.99 (200ml) this is also more affordable considering that I haven’t made a dent in my 200ml tub and it’s been a month. A little goes a long way. I’d recommend this product for those who struggle with dry skin. The relief I’ve felt from dryness has been immediate following application. I’m finishing this campaign genuinely impressed with this product that I’ve found to be very reliable.

Don’t believe me? Here’s the thoughts of my friends and family:



Thanks for sticking around to the end. I hope this has made you reconsider how you approach winter. If you do decide to try this out, let me know how it goes.


Pictures taken by Justin Tyler