I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to pick the brain of a young, vibrant creative and entrepreneur – Eureecher Premanathan. You’re more than likely to find this entrepreneur carving her own path in life. Exploding with wisdom far beyond her years, this is a brain to pick for advice on life, faith and marriage. This jam-packed well-spring of knowledge comes to us as the Creative Director of ER BEATUS Creative Studio.

Let’s talk branding


I already know that I’ve peaked your interest with the company name – ER BEATUS Creative Studio . The ER (pronounced “errrr”, as in a statement of confusion) are more than just her and husband Rowen’s initials, but translate from the medieval Latin to “the”, whilst Beatus (pronounced be-ar-tis) translates from the Latin to “blessed”. So quite literally, ER BEATUS is “the blessed”.

Based on Psalm 18:33 (“He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he enables me to stand on the heights”), ER BEATUS has taken the deer as the company logo during the company rebrand a few years ago. With the scripture holding a special place in her heart, Eureecher made the step into researching the deer a little deeper. Being a sure-footed, agile and swift mountain creature (holding true to Psalm 18:33) they are able to climb to greater heights with deeper surety. Also coming to symbolise regeneration (based on the principle of the regrowth of their antlers) the deer is a feisty, cautious and adventurous creator, known for its individuality – the deer is a call for trust in instinct and self.

These are factors that build deeply into the way Eureecher runs the business and carries herself in the industry. The creative industry is not one that’s easy to work in, but the ability to step out in faith with surety is one of her resounding characteristics.

Let’s talk creative careers


With a degree in fine art, the passion for design was sparked at a very young age (you could say she was DRAWN to it). A clear passion for design and a heart fuelled by the journey business is taking together with the ability to be around creatives (to collaborate, on social media or share a creative space) drives the creativity of the business, but more so the creative behind the business.

Having started in family owned businesses and having done everything from sales to merchandising, Eureecher says that “I came from a very business minded and artistic family, so I honestly believe it’s where my entrepreneurship stems from. I always knew I wanted to run my own business one day. I’ve always been a creative, what took it to the next level and gave me the love to have my own creative business was planning our wedding.” The stressful experience clearly catalysed the decision (throw into the mix the sense of freedom, achievement and knowledge of being made for more) to move into the business field, all through the experience of designing wedding invitations.

Let’s talk self-employment

“When you are a small business or start up you have to do everything yourself, particularly when the specific skills you have are the reason a client approaches you and it cannot be passed on to other staff”, Eureecher comments on the challenges of being self-employed. This is all besides that fact that self-employment means no work = no pay.  That being said, whether through helping you build the business, creating personalised stationery or custom luxury items, nothing beats the joy and excitement of a satisfied customer.

I have asked her about balancing work and home life. The reality is that most self-employed individuals will take their work home with them. In all her wisdom she’s defined this quite simply for me – Work and life needs to be balanced. It’s important to work hard to achieve your goals and dreams, but remember to take time to both enjoy life and take care of yourself. “Too much of one thing isn’t good.”

Let’s talk faith and business


About a month after getting married, Eureecher acknowledged her unhappiness in her job in recruitment. As a creative, she struggled with the idea of being behind a desk for the rest of her life, and her husband, Rowen knew it too. With the support of her husband and immediate family, she took the step into entrepreneurship. The lesson that she’s learned, that I think applies to everyone is that is that “not everyone will believe in you or be on the journey with you. The people you least expect support from may be the ones that get you through the toughest times.”

Being self-employed, there are many times that her faith has been tested, but God has been faithful to Eureecher time and time again. The reality is that running your own business is not as glamorous as it sounds; there are long hours of work, sweat and sometimes tears that go into it. “My faith is strong and even though tested all the time and in different ways, I know the God I serve and that if it is His hands then there is no better place for it to be.”


She has attested to seeing God’s hand in every season, and that knowledge keeps her going. The greatest lesson to learn is to be faithful with the little that He’s placed in your hands and He will bless it. She goes on to state that “…that is my biggest testament. I have tried my best in every season to be faithful with what I have been given and where I am, and no matter how tough things were/are I have always tithed from my business. From the biggest amount to the smallest.” Standing in faith and being consistent despite the things going on around her are characteristics that I enjoy about her.

When making decisions, or seeking the voice of God in business, it’s never as clear as writing on the walls. Often times she searches her spirit for a sense of peace or unsettlement. Fasting and praying is also a set way to take when making big decisions (something both she and I would like to do more of). It’s also a beautiful thing that both her and husband, Rowen, pray about decisions individually and discuss confirmation received before taking steps. I can definitely see that she has a clear sense of morals and values that reflect in the way ER BEATUS Creative Studio is run and the beauty is that she doesn’t feel any pressure from the Christian community in being a creative, if anything she strives to be authentic and to conduct business ethically.

One of the biggest things I have taken from being able to walk alongside Eureecher and is that everything… EVERYTHING happens in His timing. It is HE who opens doors and allows for opportunities to arise. We can truly do more than we think because greater is He who is in us. Serving has always been a part of her and Rowen’s lives and has forged relationships and friendships that are an amazing support structures. Rowen and Eureecher truly do life together; knowing that every act of service on a Sunday at church or during the week is adding to someone’s experience or encounter with Christ – that keeps you filled.

Let’s talk advice for the entrepreneurial heart



“Go for it! If not now, then when??” She’s right, fear held her back and holds us all back. Whether that’s the fear of rejection or failure, it keeps you from moving forward. The best guidance I took from her was to take it one step at a time and trust God on the way. It’s also important to get a good network of people around you; people that will support you, pray for you and encourage you along the way – “The support of other people who have maybe been there before makes the journey less scary. FEAR IS A LIAR!”


Being full of beautiful nuggets, she also advises that you be your most authentic self. The pressure to conform to a predisposed ideal is huge, but all you need to do is be you.

“Take advise, admire others, look up to them but never feel like you have to be exactly like they are. Know who you are and whose you are. He created you perfectly with all your quirks and differences. It’s so cheesy but you have to go on a journey to find out who you are .”


The future of the company stands on Psalm 18:33 – “He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he enables me to stand on the heights”. With an amazing new studio and fresh and vibrant website, ER BEATUS Creative Studio is set to take on the future of luxury design.






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